About Carol

Carol Sente believes that the highest calling is service to others, a lesson she learned from her parents, who immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe to seek a better life following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and devastation of World War II.

Carol grew up in the northern suburb of Glenview, the middle child of three girls. Carol and her sisters remained close and attended Indiana University together. Carol earned a business degree from Indiana University and has taken master's degree coursework at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. After tragically losing her older sister, Christine, in an auto accident, Carol became an active volunteer to help others coping with grief. She has served as a counselor at the YMCA camp "I Am Me" for young burn victims and helped mentor counselors in-training.

Carol has lived in Vernon Hills for over 15 years and is the former vice president of the Vernon Hills Park District Board, where she served for four years. She has also volunteered for five years with Marcie's Place Children's Grieving Camp as a counselor working with those who have lost family members, and on the board of the Sommer Memorial Foundation, which provides scholarships to high school seniors who have lost a parent.

Sente is the former owner of the architectural firm SRBL Architects in Deerfield, IL. She sold that corporation in 2011 and recently started her own Management/Marketing Consulting practice. Sente draws on her experiences as a small business owner to help craft better public policy. To help the state account for every dime it spends, Carol has worked to take the budgeting process out of the hands of legislative leaders by requiring it to be placed in transparent and bipartisan appropriation committees. These committees are responsible for incorporating performance-based reviews with a focus on eliminating wasteful spending, and allocating for programs that have proven effective, so that taxpayer dollars are used wisely.

Her legislative priorities include creating good-paying jobs in the region, cleaning up state government by making it more transparent and getting the state budget back on track to ensure that important services are available and accessible for seniors, veterans, and people living with disabilities. Carol has also focused on bring employers back to our region, improving environmental standards, and improving services and long term care options for seniors.

On September 12, 2009, Carol was sworn in to complete the remainder of the unexpired term of former State Representative Kathy Ryg. She was elected to her first full-term in November 2010 and is currently in her third term. Sente serves as Vice-Chair of the Environment Committee, and as a member of the Personnel & Pensions, State Government Administration, Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies, and Veterans' Affairs committees.