Press Release

Sente Backs ‘Lifeline’ Budget to Fund Critical Services


“We have a duty as lawmakers to make sure that those who need a hand up are not kicked to the curb,” Sente said. “This lifeline budget provides temporary relief for those in our state who need it most without having to raise taxes on working families or small businesses.”

Sente’s lifeline budget, House Bill 109, uses special state funds currently sitting unused, and uses these funds to sustain state colleges and universities and social services such as Meals on Wheels, domestic violence shelters, and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. The damage from the state budget impasse has hit social service providers particularly hard, as a recent survey of human service agencies conducted by the United Way of Illinois found almost 70 percent of agencies had received no or only partial payment for state services delivered in 2017. That is double the percent of agencies receiving no or only partial payment for state services according to the same survey last year.

“Seniors should not have to go hungry and students should not have to drop out of college because Springfield has too few adults in the room,” Sente continued. “While I am happy we passed temporary relief, I am not going to lose sight of the real goal – passing a year-long budget that fully funds services, our universities and ends the damage done by the budget impasse.”