Press Release

Sente Speaks on Experience as Child of Immigrants to Mundelein High School Students


“My motivation for public service originated from my parents, who emigrated from eastern Europe. They collectively they taught my sisters and me the values to which I attribute all my success.

Sente told the students at Mundelein how her father served ten years as a political prisoner in Hungary while her mother grew up in a very poor family of ten. Her parents fled communism from eastern Europe and emigrated to America in 1957. Sente shared with her students three lessons that her parents taught her: perseverance, hard work and having a strong belief system.

“Immigrants built this country and immigrant families will continue to flourish,” Sente said. “We just put to use the perseverance, hard work and value systems our parents taught us.

Caption: State Rep. Carol Sente (right) answering a question from a Mundelein High School student (left).