Press Release

Sente Fights to Protect Residents with Pre-existing Conditions


“There is nothing more personal than one’s health care,” said Sente. “Those moments when you are talking about your options with the doctor alone, or with a family member by your side, are some of the scariest that any of us have to face. It isn’t right for politicians to toy with people’s health care, especially when it means reducing or restricting access to lifesaving care.”

Sente voted to pass House Bill 2624, which would protect middle-class families and seniors from facing double-digit rate increases year after year. The legislation creates an independent Health Insurance Rate Review Board, which would scrutinize proposed insurance premiums and block unjustified increases.

Additionally, Sente passed state-level protections for people with pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. While Washington politicians continue fighting to repeal federal protections for these at-risk individuals, the Sente-backed House Bill 2959 would prevent insurance companies that sell policies in Illinois from discriminating against residents who are the sickest, oldest and most in need of care. The legislation passed the House with bipartisan support.

“Working families deserve peace of mind and certainty when it comes to their health care,” Sente continued. “That means access to basic and critical, life-saving services; access to the doctor you are comfortable with; and little to no premium increases. That is what I will continue to fight for in Springfield.”