Press Release

Sente Fights to Increase Access to Life-Saving Breast Cancer Screenings


“We cannot allow the discussion about spending on breast cancer screenings and treatments to be reduced to numbers on a ledger, as there are real human lives on the line,” Sente said. “We have an opportunity and obligation to save the lives of mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, grandmas, aunts and friends who may unknowingly be living with this life-threatening disease.”

The Sente-backed Senate Bill 314 requires Illinois insurers to cover MRI screenings for women who have “dense” breast tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, women who have dense breast tissue have a slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer relative to women with less dense breast tissue. There is growing evidence that high-risk women can increase the detection of breast cancer by receiving a MRI in addition to a baseline mammogram compared to high-risk women who receive a mammogram alone. For more information on breast cancer, please visit the American Cancer Society’s website at

“Cancer is a deadly disease that can strike anyone at any time, so preventative care and early detection are key,” Sente continued. “No one can place a price tag on spending additional years with their mom, sister, grandma, and all the other women in their life who they care for.”