Press Release

Sente Backs Cost-Saving Reforms Requested by Governor


“House Democrats and myself once again followed through on our pledge to work cooperatively with the Governor to pass structural reforms and reduce the cost of government,” Sente said. “It was reassuring to see legislators on both sides of the aisle find common ground and pass a significant piece of legislation that will help save taxpayer dollars.”

The Sente-backed Senate Bill 8 reduces government costs by helping purchasing officers better use the large purchasing power Illinois maintains to wring out cost savings during purchases. Purchasing is often pointed to as a chief culprit of waste and abuse in the state, so reforms to create a more streamlined process are seen by both Democrat and Republican members as necessary.

“My hope is that we can build off the momentum from the passage of this legislation to continue negotiations to pass a comprehensive, responsible budget,” Sente continued. “If the Governor can meet us halfway on a balanced, full year budget, as well as compromise on important bi-partisan reforms, we can end the devastation caused by the ongoing budget impasse.

Senate Bill 8 passed unanimously out of the House and heads back to the Senate for further consideration.