Press Release

Sente: Today’s Budget Framework is Step Forward, But Our Work is Not Done


“While the House made bipartisan progress towards a budget today, additional work is still required before a balanced budget can get to the governor’s desk. I will remain in Springfield and do everything possible to urge cooperation between my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.
“Over the past few weeks the governor has been in full-campaign mode, flooding districts like mine with thousands of dollars in negative mailers, as sensitive budget negotiations have taken place. I have ignored these attacks and continued to meet with the bipartisan House group I organized to keep working behind the scenes to encourage progress, compromise and garner enough votes to pass a budget. Step one of our group's goal is accomplished. Our budget progress is delicate. I hope the governor will not attempt to derail the progress in the coming days. He should refrain from campaigning and focus on governing.
“The clock is ticking. The whole state is watching. The prosperity of social service agencies, students and countless others depend on what happens in the coming hours and days. So it’s time for the games to end, and deliver the remaining elements of a comprehensive, bipartisan budget our state desperately needs.”