Press Release

Sente Recognized for Service to Community


“As a public servant, my top priority has been to advocate for the needs of the community by promoting bipartisan solutions to the state’s problems, fighting for property tax relief, fostering job creation and growing the economy,” Sente said. “It truly is an honor and privilege to be welcomed into the Toll Fellowship Program and have the opportunity to collaborate with elected officials from other states.”

The Council of State Governments’ Toll Fellowship Program is a leadership “boot camp” that helps state government leaders from across the country learn new skills and policies. The Toll Fellowship Program is named for the Council of State Governments’ founder, Henry Wolcott Toll, who was an innovative champion of state government. Past Toll Fellows have included governors, secretaries of state, chief justices, speakers and congressmen.

“Service to the community means standing up for what you believe is right,” Sente continued. “Programs likes the Toll Fellowship are important now, more than ever, as across the country we need to foster bipartisan dialogues, encourage compromise and lead by example in hopes that future generations of leaders will follow.”