Press Release

Sente Backs Medicaid Overhaul Package to Help Save Millions and Streamline Health Care


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A legislative proposal backed by State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, would save millions of taxpayer dollars while also ensuring access to quality health care for Illinois residents.

“As the Legislature explores approaches to rein in spending, we must constantly be on the lookout for solutions that do not place a further economic burden on middle-class families who struggle just to make ends meet,” Sente said. “This is common-sense legislation that helps our state save money while simultaneously protecting the vital services that some of our most vulnerable citizens depend on.”

Working to reduce state spending while protecting vital services, Sente sponsored Senate Bill 788, which is estimated to save the state as much as $411 million during its first year through spending cuts, additional federal funding and stronger safeguards to eliminate fraud and abuse. The legislation supported by Sente provides an alternative solution to the extreme cuts proposed earlier this year that could have resulted in fewer medical services for elderly residents, disabled citizens and families on fixed-incomes.

“Legislators supporting Senate Bill 788 enable hospitals to continue providing high quality health care services in communities across the state,” said Illinois Hospital Association President & CEO Maryjane Wurth. “We appreciate their recognition that steps can be taken to control spending without sacrificing needed patient care.”

Senate Bill 788 passed both the House and the Senate and now awaits final approval by the governor.