Press Release

Sente Calls for Budget Preserving Essential Functions for Those in Need during Shutdown


SPRINGFIELD, Ill – State Rep. Carol Sente, D-Vernon Hills, is calling on the Legislature to adopt a budget that ensures services for middle-class families, the developmentally disabled and the safety of local communities are not put at risk by a state government shutdown.

“The essential services budget that I supported last week would have allowed the state to preserve some of its most important functions during the current fiscal year’s extended budget negotiations,” Sente said.

When the new fiscal year began without an agreed-upon budget in place, funding for many critical services was jeopardized, including therapy for the developmentally disabled, in-home care for seniors and health care for middle-class families that struggle to make ends meet.

Sente is calling for an essential services budget that would allow the state’s most basic and important functions to continue, as the Legislature and Governor work to craft a long-term state budget. Among the important state services threatened by the shutdown are the Community Care Program, which allows seniors to live comfortably in their own homes, therapy and work placement assistance for the disabled, care for veterans and protective services for abused children. In addition to the numerous social services being threatened, salaries for state police officers and programs that incarcerate sexually violent criminals are also at risk of being discontinued without a budget.

“There is too much at stake for us not to pass a budget that protects our state’s most vulnerable citizens. These services could mean the difference between life and death for many Illinoisans,” Sente said. “It is my hope that when the House returns this week, my peers will join me in putting people they represent first by restoring funding for these critical services.”