Press Release

Sente, Residents Talk about Road Forward for State Budget at Town Hall Meeting


“Residents are saying ‘Get something done’; ‘It’s time for compromise’; and ‘Work together,’” said Sente. “We need more of that attitude down in Springfield.”

During the nearly two-hour long town hall meeting, Sente provided an overview on the current condition of the state, different proposals to address the ongoing budget crisis, and how she thought lawmakers should proceed. Those in attendance were also provided the opportunity to voice suggestions as to any changes they felt state or local government should implement.

“Probably the most heartening questions came from those who asked how they could become more engaged with local government and in the community,” Sente continued. “With all the bad news coming from our federal and state government in the past few years, it’s encouraging to see people who want to use their skills and talents to serve their communities. The more neighbors that get involved in our community, the stronger it becomes.”

Caption: State Rep. Carol Sente discusses Illinois’ budget impasse and listened on as attendees voiced suggestions as to changes they felt should be implemented in government.